Unlock the benefits of NFV/SDN

Agile OSS/BSS For Faster Time to Revenue

Key Operational Challenges

…believe sophisticated orchestration capabilities are required.

…said the need to implement a new generation of agile OSS/BSS is the primary roadblock.

…are concerned about how to handle end-to-end management in digital ecosystems.

Source: TM Forum, 2016

Are You Ready?

Virtualization has a solid track record of reducing costs in computing and networking technologies. NFV and SDN will bring cost savings by commoditizing expensive networking gear, but how do operators take advantage of the promise of agility? To realize full ROI, you need agile OSS/BSS.

Evolve Your BSS/OSS

With the end goal of operationalizing virtualized functions across their BSS/OSS, service providers need a catalog-driven environment that enables them to define commoditized capabilities in the network, expose those to their sales channels and deliver instantaneously in a zero-touch fashion.

Why SIgma for NfV/SDN?

  • Define new offerings from virtual network functions (VNFs) and network services
  • Launch hybrid and virtual services rapidly to market
  • Sell NFV/SDN-based services across all channels
  • Guided selling and dynamic pricing based on feasibility and availability of virtual infrastructure
  • Uber orchestration across virtual and physical domains
  • Lower OpEx with automated fulfillment
Driving Standards
  • Leading ETSI standards definition for OSS/BSS integration with NFV MANO
  • Catalog synchronization with MANO stack

The Sigma Solution

Sigma helps to bridge the world of traditional services on legacy networks with the virtualized capabilities of NFV/SDN, automating the operationalization of both in the BSS and OSS.

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