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Zero-Touch, Zero-Fallout
Order Management

Order Management Sigma

A truly digital fulfilment platform

Intensely manual, highly error-prone and woefully inaccurate are not the
characteristics of a robust, future-oriented digital service provider.  The success of an operator in the digital age is measured by the pace and ease with which they can introduce new services to market and deliver them seamlessly to customers – regardless of the complexity of underlying infrastructure.

Unlike legacy systems, Sigma Order Management has been architected from the ground up to be enterprise catalog-driven, incorporating collaborative tools that allow product managers and designers to work together to create consistent fulfilment configurations.  The result is dramatically reduced order fallout and time-to-market for new offerings.


Dynamically integrated with a centralized enterprise catalog to ensure business rules defined for products, services and resources are accurately utilized during fulfilment.

Advanced Visualization

End-to-end tracking of orders from receipt to fulfilment with real-time progress notifications.

Built for the Cloud

Deploys on in-house hardware or in a cloud environment for maximum flexibility.

Industry Standards Compliance

Compliant with TM Forum and JSR264 OSS/J Order API Specification Standards.

Key Benefits

Accelerate Revenue

Significantly reduce time-to-market for new products and services.

Reduce Costs

Implement zero-touch automation to replace costly, manual interventions.

Gain Instant Insight

Access order visibility, notifications for traceability, investigation and auditing data.

Improve Customer Experience

Dramatically improve accuracy in order delivery and reduce fallout.

Design-Time Workflow

Design Time Workflow

Configure Product, Service & Resource Specifications

While legacy systems maintain disparate sources for product, service and resource data, Sigma uses a single enterprise product catalog to house the end-to-end model.

Configure Fulfilment Systems

With Sigma Order Management, systems register interest in products, services and resources instead of hard-coded fulfilment steps to systems and business rules.

Configure Fulfilment Workflows

Unlike legacy systems that use proprietary modelling languages or complex business rules for orchestration. Sigma utilizes BPMNv2 templates for orchestration and visualization.

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