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The sheer complexity of product offerings today has created business environments that are slow, circuitous and ill-equipped to meet ever-changing customer demands.  Service providers are suffering from slow launch times, soaring IT costs, unpredictable integrations and ultimately, lost opportunities and frustrated customers.

Enter Sigma Catalog – the industry’s first purpose-built, enterprise-wide product, service and resource catalog. Vodafone, Windstream, and a large Asian mobile services provider are some of the leading enterprises who today benefit from Sigma Catalog as their enterprise product catalog enabling the creation, sales and delivery of new digital services.

Master Data Management

A central repository for product, service and resource data with rich APIs to expose across the enterprise.

Product Lifecycle Management

End-to-end PLM and configurable workflows to manage products from cradle to grave.

Collaborative Environment

Bringing business and IT together to quickly build new digital products and services.

Framework Contracts

Digitize all aspects of business frame contracts.

Key Benefits

Reduce Costs

Minimize integration and processing costs through standardized data references and workflows, with an emphasis on configuration over customization.

Enable Omnichannel Selling

Channel and network-specific protocols allow for cross-platform support.

Maximize Customer Satisfaction

Personalize offers with real-time validation and change management to guarantee customer purchase success.

Accelerate Innovation

Support complex propositions and rapid monetization of network investments.

The Sigma Difference

Sigma Catalog Products

Launch New Products in Minutes

Collaborate across the business and IT in a PLM-rich environment to quickly create and launch offers that make sense for your business, are personalizable and technically feasible.

Build, Use and Re-Use

Sigma Catalog’s componentized data model allows for the quick use and re-use of product and service data across the entire product lifecycle.

Sigma Catalog

Backed by a Catalog-Driven Ethos

At the center of our architecture, and the way we approach our customers’ pain points, we place an emphasis on mastering data management for everything from quoting, to ordering, through to delivery and fulfillment.

Catalog to the Core

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