New Products, Not Problems

Catalog-driven software designed to create, sell & deliver in the digital age
Sigma Catalog
Sigma Catalog
Sigma Catalog makes it easy to manage all of your offerings, regardless of their lifecycle status. Gain centralized control of your product, service and resource portfolio by establishing a single point of truth.
Sigma CPQ
Sigma CPQ
Finally, a Configure Price Quote solution designed specifically for communications service providers. Accelerate the buying cycle with customized, real-time quoting and validation.
Order Management
Sigma Order Management
Designed from the ground-up to integrate with a centralized product, service and resource catalog, Sigma Order Management dramatically reduces order fallout and time-to-market for new products.
Sigma Provisioning
Sigma Provisioning talks directly to your networks to instantly and automatically activate services. Engineered to manage, track and provision orders for all complex, multi-service bundles.
Sigma Portfolio Inventory
Sigma Portfolio Inventory
A new breed of inventory, Sigma Portfolio Inventory is the catalog-driven master data manager of customer product, service and resource data, providing a single point of truth to reduce order fallout and provide commercial insight.
Sigma Insights
Sigma Insights
Sigma Insights gives your business the ability to understand and act in real-time to change product experience for your customers using you valuable BSS/OSS data.

Embrace Omnichannel

Are you telling the same story across all your channels?
Create, Sell and Deliver


• Can’t launch products fast enough?
• No single point of truth?
• Soaring integration costs?


• Can’t launch on all channels at once?
• Losing out on sales opportunities?
• Processing bad orders?


• Leaking revenue from order fallout?
• Too much manual intervention?
• Facing automation failures?