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Sigma for Smart Cities

Service Control for Intelligent Urban Environments

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Sigma for Smart Cities

Tomorrow’s cities will exploit emerging technologies such as 5G networks and IoT-connected devices to become ‘smart environments’. Smart cities will depend on the coordination of many players and stakeholders, from device manufacturers to app developers, network operators and systems integrators – risking complexity and confusion that will block innovation and progress. Sigma for Smart Cities addresses this risk, efficiently managing the resources from which urban authorities will create, sell and deliver new and innovative services.

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“5G Moves Us Well Beyond Connectivity”

Sigma CTO Catherine Michel gives her perspective on what 5G really means for service providers.

  • The exciting times the industry faces are really about the business models that can be created as a result of 5G.  Service providers need to keep focus on what matters to build profitable business lines.
  • We’ll not only see networking convergence, but more importantly, we’ll see business convergence that requires very close management of the data of what you sell and deliver to customers.
  • Consumer demand for 5G connectivity will be the initial push, but it’s really 5G-enabled services that accelerate the digital transformation of businesses — enterprises, SMEs, SOHOs — that will provide long-term revenue opportunity for service providers.

Sigma Supporting Ageing Population Services with Liverpool City Council

As the health and longevity of the urban population increases, so does the population’s need for help in leading active and rewarding lives. Connecting older people and their homes to a Smart City network will help the city respond to the needs of an ageing population with services such as:

  • Home health monitoring products
  • Transportation services
  • In-home meal services
  • Medical assistance services
  • Alerts and activity monitoring services
  • Home security products
  • Assisted city mobile applications
  • Telehealth and caregiver services

All of these are modeled in Sigma Catalog, which acts as a hub or marketplace for regulated third party services, broadening the older person’s range of available help and support.

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