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Create-Sell-Deliver in
Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Sigma Create-Sell-Deliver Portfolio and Microsoft Dynamics CRM let service providers improve their innovation agility, sell effectively, and consistently deliver to customers, always keeping the sales promise. Optimized for and pre-integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365, Sigma Catalog, Sigma CPQ and Sigma Order Management orchestrate the lead-to-quote-to order-to-activation processes that are at the core of service provider operations. Sigma Create-Sell-Deliver portfolio products are available the Microsoft AppSource and are proven in Microsoft Dynamics CRM environments at leading service providers.

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Strengthen lead-to-Cash with Sigma and
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Precise Product Selection

Ensuring that products are eligible, available, and serviceable before a quote is even created, Sigma Catalog provides true enterprise-class product configuration and lifecycle management capability.  Sigma CPQ manages the product selection process in Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Sigma Catalog so customers and agents find the right products.

Accurate Configurations and Pricing

Sigma CPQ performs the underlying quote configuration, ensuring the execution of product rules, such as eligibility, availability, dependency, and cardinality.  This creates a valid and entirely digital configuration and pricing quote – a must to prevent ordering things that then can’t be fulfilled. Sigma CPQ embedded within MS Dynamics 365 populates and synchronizes quote data back into MS Dynamics CRM to support continued sales processing.

Clean Digital Orders Delivered

The process of order submission to Sigma Order Management (or a third-party order management system) is managed and orchestrated, enabling complex use cases like MACD and Supplemental Order.

Sigma and Microsoft Dynamics Handle Complex Telco-Grade Use Cases

  • Configuration of products (e.g., pricing, validation, etc.)
  • Creation of quotations for CRM accounts (new and existing customers)
  • Browsing and Selecting products for a quotation
  • Financial review of quotations
  • Submission of orders
  • Visibility of an existing customers product portfolio
  • Creation of MACD quotations (update, upgrade/downgrade, disconnect)
  • Creation and submission of supplemental orders
  • Order workflow configuration
  • Orchestration of order workflow decomposition
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