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Smart Service Control for Virtual and Hybrid Networks

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Sigma for NFV/SDN

Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies reduce operator CapEx by commoditizing expensive networking equipment and OpEx through the automation and hosting of virtual network functions. NFV and SDN also encourages the innovative use of new and updated network functions and services, particularly when aligned with a DevOps approach. To help operators maximise ROI, Sigma for NFV/SDN provides a catalog-driven, standards-based solution that continuously and dynamically monitors and exposes available network capability, and automates much of the ordering and provisioning process for service providers, bridging between legacy networks and the virtualized capabilities of NFV/SDN.

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CCO Simon Muderack on the six core pillars of Sigma's strategy

Next Done Now: On the Horizon
for Sigma Systems

In this video interview from Mobile World Congress 2019, our Chief Commercial Officer Simon Muderack reveals the strategic plan Sigma has for the immediate future. With 5G services on the horizon — and along with it the potential for newer industry verticals — Sigma will focus on supporting service provider customers as they grapple with digital transformation.

Sigma sees 5 key areas of interest and opportunity: 5G, NFV/SDN, IoT, New industry verticals, and alongside our existing commercial base for new opportunities, B2B has been an avenue for continued investment towards digitalization. But that’s not all — AI and machine learning will be a new area for Sigma to explore: With 6 million orders processed every day for our customers globally, and with 60 billion in revenue annually processed with Sigma software products, Sigma will look to use this data to better inform our customers how they can optimize their bottom-line in new, intelligent ways.

Why Sigma for NFV/SDN?


Define new offerings from virtual network functions (VNFs) and network services

Rapid Launch

Launch hybrid and virtual services rapidly to market

Omni-Channel sales

Sell NFV/SDN-based services across all channels

Guided Selling

Guided selling and dynamic pricing based on feasibility and availability of virtual infrastructure

Domain Orchestration

Über-orchestration across virtual and physical domains

Lower OPEX

Lower OpEx with automated fulfillment


Catalog synchronization with MANO stack

Driving Standards

Leading ETSI standards definition for OSS/BSS integration with NFV MANO

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