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Sigma for B2B Transformation

Transform Your B2B Business to Seize the Digital Enterprise Opportunity

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Sigma for B2B Transformation

Many service providers have transformed their consumer businesses to deliver a superior experience, but fewer have taken a similar approach to their B2B business lines. B2B units continue to struggle with processes that are close to hand-crafted, hard to manage and track, and offering no opportunity for efficient re-use, with each enterprise proposition typically designed from the ground up. Sigma for B2B Transformation helps service providers transform their processes to take full advantage of enterprise demand. Complex business offerings can still be unique to the market segment and even to the individual enterprise, but can be assembled, configured and adapted from reusable components and processes, greatly increasing market agility.

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“5G Moves Us Well Beyond Connectivity”

Sigma CTO Catherine Michel gives her perspective on what 5G really means for service providers.

  • The exciting times the industry faces are really about the business models that can be created as a result of 5G.  Service providers need to keep focus on what matters to build profitable business lines.
  • We’ll not only see networking convergence, but more importantly, we’ll see business convergence that requires very close management of the data of what you sell and deliver to customers.
  • Consumer demand for 5G connectivity will be the initial push, but it’s really 5G-enabled services that accelerate the digital transformation of businesses — enterprises, SMEs, SOHOs — that will provide long-term revenue opportunity for service providers.

Seizing the Digital Enterprise Opportunity in Asia

A pan-Asian service provider needed to respond to the changing expectations of a booming enterprise market and wanted to offer innovative products in a more agile and engaging way. Systems and processes needed to be effortless to use by customers, employees and partners. Sigma Catalog provided the foundation for the new digital enterprise architecture, allowing all product, service and configuration data to be mastered in a single design-time catalog that would support the entire value chain through to quoting and order management.

The result:

  • Shorter time-to-market with new offers
  • Better traceability of prospects and orders
  • Improved deal closure
  • Better customer engagement
  • Improved speed and quality of service delivery
  • Reduced sales cycle time.
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