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B2Be Different.

Create, sell, and deliver differently for business enterprise customers.

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Sigma for B2B Transformation

Many service providers have transformed their consumer businesses to deliver a superior experience, but fewer have taken a similar approach to their B2B business lines. B2B units continue to struggle with processes that are close to hand-crafted, hard to manage and track, and offering no opportunity for efficient re-use, with each enterprise proposition typically designed from the ground up. Sigma for B2B Transformation helps service providers transform their processes to take full advantage of enterprise demand. Complex business offerings can still be unique to the market segment and even to the individual enterprise, but can be assembled, configured and adapted from reusable components and processes, greatly increasing market agility. Read the Brief Book a Demo

B2Be Different.

Observations of service provider business-to-business
market innovations and how to do it differently.

Sigma has been thinking about how operators around the globe are striving today to infuse “different” within their business customer segment offerings. What follows is a collection of our observations from service providers around the globe who we think are doing B2B Differently — boldly going where no B2B has gone before. We hope there may be an idea or two in there for you to discover and create your own innovations and ways to be different.

Included in this eBook are examples from Inmarsat, Singtel, Airtel, Etisalat Digital, KPN, Verizon, Deutsche Telekom, Telstra, Sprint, Swisscom, T-Mobile Austra, and more.

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CCO Simon Muderack on the six core pillars of Sigma's strategy

Next Done Now: On the Horizon for Sigma Systems

In this video interview from Mobile World Congress 2019, our Chief Commercial Officer Simon Muderack reveals the strategic plan Sigma has for the immediate future. With 5G services on the horizon — and along with it the potential for newer industry verticals — Sigma will focus on supporting service provider customers as they grapple with digital transformation. Sigma sees 5 key areas of interest and opportunity: 5G, NFV/SDN, IoT, New industry verticals, and alongside our existing commercial base for new opportunities, B2B has been an avenue for continued investment towards digitalization. But that’s not all — AI and machine learning will be a new area for Sigma to explore: With 6 million orders processed every day for our customers globally, and with 60 billion in revenue annually processed with Sigma software products, Sigma will look to use this data to better inform our customers how they can optimize their bottom-line in new, intelligent ways.

Launching A Next Generation Digital Business Platform

An EMEA-based service provider chose Sigma Systems Catalog, Sigma CPQ and Sigma Order Management as the technology platform from which to launch their digital transformation. In this customer success story, learn why:

  • Pre-integrated Sigma products were chosen after comparison to Etiya and NetCracker.
  • Sigma was chosen due to catalog-driven architecture, interoperability, agility from configuration and the expertise of its people in create-sell-deliver processes including PLM.
  • Sigma solutions will enable the service provider to roll out new generation digital services to support a new group of partner resellers and have direct relations with these customers.
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