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5G Opens the Door to B2B Enterprise Opportunities

Prepare Your Business for 5G

The introduction and adoption of 5G network technology is the biggest technological and commercial event for the telecommunications industry. And, there is one side of the telco business that is poised to maximize these benefits — B2B Enterprise. But…most services providers are not even close to being ready to take advantage of this opportunity.

How Can Sigma Help Service Providers get 5G ready NOW?
Sigma’s in-depth knowledge of the telco space, enables us to focus on what will be top of mind as CSP’s rationalize the 5G spend — the creation of new products and services. It is the power of the Sigma Create-Sell-Deliver Portfolio that enables CSP’s to properly manage and scale upwards new devices, service options, partner services, and network types. Scaling to a 5G-enabled business means you need to manage all aspects of the data closely. Get the data right with Sigma Create-Sell-Deliver Portfolio and 5G services will be created, sold, and delivered to delight customers and grow your revenue.
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The 5G Potential

A perspective from Montgomery Hong, CIO at PT Telkomsel

As an innovation, 5G holds a lot of promise and will usher in an era of new possibilities – as long as enterprises realize the need to leverage it in a way that will maximize opportunities and drive new use-case applications. At the same time, an impending talent gap also needs to be addressed. In this video from Mobile World Congress, Montgomery Hong, CIO at PT Telkomsel, talks about the potential of 5G, emphasizing the need for CSPs to bring new B2B use-cases to other industry verticals, the challenges of human capital and what a 5G-centric world might look like in the future.

Grant Lenahan, Partner and Principal Analyst, Appledore Research, speaks to the 5G Potential

The 5G Difference

A perspective from Grant lenahan, partner and principal analyst, appledore research

5G will be a significantly different technology from 4G and not merely an improvement, bringing with it new possibilities for B2B applications. In this video from Mobile World Congress, Grant Lenahan, Partner and Principal Analyst at Appledore Research, calls for getting beyond the hype and delving into the use-case applications that CSPs can leverage with their enterprise customers, saying that 5G may very well come to represent a market revolution, rather than purely a technology revolution, as it comes to form a crucial support pillar and enabler of various industry verticals.

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