Free Case Studies

Foundation for a new Digital Core

Learn how Sigma’s true enterprise product catalog is the foundation for a new Digital Core


Experience the benefits of a fully automated provisioning platform.

Vodafone Germany

Learn how Vodafone Germany improved their end-to-end customer experience by creating a centralized product catalog.

Orange Belgium

Learn the challenges Orange Belgium faced and why Sigma Catalog stood out from the competition.


Learn why Bell Aliant chose Sigma for automated service activation.


A comparison of time to launch new products and promotions before and after the Sigma deployment for ViaSat.


Learn how Sigma’s solution addressed challenges by implementing a common OSS architecture, information model and integration framework.


Learn about the results and benefits of the fufillment processes supported by Sigma’s Service Management Platform (SMP).


Learn how NET partnered with Sigma to define a new OSS architecture that was robust, scalable and easy to maintain.

Teracom Boxer

Learn how a single, federated source of truth for customer, product, service and resource data can speed up time to market, decrease order fallout and enable business agility.