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Product Brief:


In this Product Brief
you will learn about…

  • The provisioning and activation product of the Sigma Create-Sell-Deliver Portfolio designed to manage, track and activate a complete range of network communication services from a set of pre-configured activation solutions.
  • Overcoming provisioning paralysis with a flexible, robust enablement platform for every kind of communications service.
  • Rapid Start – Sigma Provisioning includes off-the-shelf solution packages, ready to deliver the advanced IP-based business, residential and mobile services you want to sell.
  • Network Ready – Pre-built network interfaces (tech cartridges) are standard for all common network elements and equipment manufacturers, further reducing any delays in getting to market.
  • Fully-transparent vizualization – Keep a complete and detailed view of fulfillment design and run-time execution for easy, hands-on management of the service environment.
  • Carrier Grade – Sigma Provisioning is massively scalable, able to comfortably handle tier-one-grade transaction throughput.


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