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Product Brief:


In this Product Brief
you will learn about…

  • The data collection, aggregation and analytics enablement product of the Sigma Create-Sell-Deliver Portfolio that helps you assess and improve business performance.
  • Making commercial and operational performance visible and actionable.
  • Valuable Data Revealed – Uncover valuable commercial and operational data, aggregate it in real-time and place it in a readymade CIM data model – ready to assess without having to access unwieldy data warehouses.
  • Network Ready – Pre-built network interfaces (tech cartridges) are standard for all common network elements and equipment manufacturers, further reducing any delays in getting to market.
  • Configurable Collection – Rapidly configure data collection agents for any and all systems, creating additional data sources for assessment and action.
  • Visualization Choice – Utilize data visualization tools of your choice, such as Qlik and Splunk, to quickly assess and act on insight without having to learn or deploy unfamiliar applications.


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