Operate seamlessly across all channels

The power of catalog-driven CPQ
The Key to Omnichannel Selling



Catherine Michel
Chief Strategy Officer & VP Products, Sigma Systems

Rob Hingston
Rob Hingston

Director of Products, Sigma Systems

In this webinar you will find

  • The value of a product-centric approach to how you define and drive your operations across your BSS & OSS.
  • How to connect your order-to-install-to-cash-to-support process across your architecture.
  • The best platform for housing all aspects of the commercial / functional / technical / physical aspects of your product, service and resource portfolio.

Benefits of a
catalog-driven strategy

  • Increased sales productivity/revenue growth
  • Decreased time-to-deliver
  • Decreased order fallout
  • Reduced costs
  • Multi-channel multi-network support
  • Maximized customer satisfaction

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