What Will Be the Source of Truth in the Network?

Why the Catalog is the solution of choice
Cataloguing the Future for Hybrid Services

In this report, you will find

  • Why a workable solution between the proponents of various telecom models (eTOM, SID, etc.) and the new modeling tools coming out of open-source and third-party development communities is needed soon to keep Network Function Virtualization moving forward.
  • How the product and services catalog is more easily adapted for working in a hybrid network than other traditional OSS solutions.
  • How Sigma interfaces with ETSI Mano across the OS-MA interface.


Perry Somers

Tim McElligott

Senior Consulting Analyst
Operations, Orchestration, Data Analytics & Monetization (ODAM) Global Competitive Strategies, Stratecast

Publishing content and analysis since 1999 with a focus on the operations and business support systems that enable new business models for communications service providers, McElligott has developed deep expertise in the back office. At Stratecast, he has extended his focus to the emerging and deeply-coupled technologies of Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Analytics. He has delivered analysis of the early developments in this space as it relates to Operations, Orchestration, Data Analysis & Monetization (ODAM.)

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