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Sigma Provisioning is the network service and device activation product of the Sigma Portfolio that drives order decomposition, dynamic workflow management and fulfilment orchestration, eliminating points of failure, minimizing cost and maximizing customer satisfaction. Deployed in the cloud or on-premise, Sigma Provisioning manages, tracks and activates a complete range of network communication services and devices from a set of preconfigured activation solutions. The platform accelerates revenue realization for new services, uses automation to drive down costs, and enables digital service providers to maximize service profitability.

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SIGMA Provisioning

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Faster Service Delivery

Market-ready solution service packages with predefined order management and provisioning processes.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

A subscriber-centric fulfilment platform that enables multi-device access and service personalization.

Reduced Costs

Minimze integration and processing costs through catalog-driven, standardized data references and workflows.

Increased Agility

Supports the latest interoperability standards and enabling technologies including BPEL, J2EE, JEA, eTOM, SID, OSS/J, and SOA.

Real-Time Workflow Management

BPEL-enabled workflow engine to orchestrate intelligent provisioning.

Automated Provisioning & Activation

Complete view of end-to-end service fulfilment processes.

Service Authorization

Orchestrated subscriber authorization and authentication.

Service Inventory Management

Integrated, service-layer view of physical and logical resources to ensure automated processes.

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Frontier Communications and Sigma
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