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Service providers need immediate and comprehensive access to a customer’s existing portfolio inventory – the products they’ve ordered, the services that were activated for those products, and the resources that were provisioned for those services. For most service providers, however, much of this information is dispersed throughout their infrastructure in a fragmented and isolated fashion. Deployed in the cloud or on-premise, Sigma Portfolio Inventory addresses these challenges head-on by centralizing the product-service-resource portfolio inventory data into a single master and making that data widely available for access by any external system.

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Improved Order Conversion

Verification of service eligibility for new quotes to improve critical order-to-activation-to-cash processing.

Faster Time-to-Revenue

Order delivery times shortened and errors are avoided as products and services are configured.

Improved Customer Experience

Accurate quotes and clean digital orders minimize likelihood of customer dissatisfaction.

Commercial Possibilities

Accurate, up-to-date view of the commercial profile of customers provides rich insight for marketing and sales teams.

A Single Point of Truth

An accurate and unified portfolio data repository that reflects and is mapped to your product catalog.

Interoperable Independence

Makes portfolio inventory data widely available to any external system via a microservices-based architecture aligned to TM Forum Open APIs.

A Valuable Commercial View

Create a unique and valuable view of the current commercial profile of your business to improve marketing and sales.

Catalog Awareness

Mapped to data to Sigma Catalog and other 3rd party catalogs.

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Tim Spencer on the Sigma Create-Sell-Deliver Outlook
The New Approach of Sigma Portfolio Inventory

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