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Does your company understand the relationship between the products you sell and your customers who buy and use them?
For the full benefits of digital innovation, service providers must have a strong understanding of how they’re performing in the eyes of their customers and adjust quickly and accordingly.

Sigma Insights gives your business the ability to understand and act in real-time to change product experience for your customers. Delivered through a native dashboard or industry data visualization applications, your business will benefit by truly understanding and learning from your product experience, up-to-the minute and 24×7.

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Sigma insights Delivers

Increased sales revenue

See and analyze sales performance immediately to adjust sales strategies for product lines, offers, geographies and channels.

Lower Operational Costs

Less cost to improve operational performance through real-time understanding of how you’re delivering services.

Improved Product Experience

Real-time understanding of product experience helps you improve overall customer experience.

Data You Can Leverage

Extract valuable actionable insights from your data.

BSS/OSS Intelligence

Immediate visibility into your valuable BSS/OSS data that reveals your business’ key performance indicators.

Commercial Understanding

Get immediate and up-to-date results or quotes, orders and product sales at a granular level in any timeframe required.

Operational Intelligence

See order and delivery issues that affect product experience for groups or individual customers to remedy.

Business Visualization

User-native Sigma Insights dashboards or industry-leading applications like Qlik and Splunk to reveal selling and delivery success in real-time.

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Tim Spencer on the Sigma Create-Sell-Deliver Outlook
All About Sigma Create-Sell-Deliver

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