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The enterprise commercial product and technical service catalog and lifecycle management application of the Sigma Create-Sell-Deliver Portfolio that defines your business and makes product, service and resource data available across your enterprise. Deployed in the cloud or on-premise, Sigma Catalog accelerates product innovation to increase revenue from new business models based on core and new digital products. Sigma Catalog improves product innovation agility and sales capability within Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce environments via Microsoft Dynamics 365, which features productized pre-integrations to CRM applications.


Sigma Catalog Evolves for Next Generation Networks

The rollout of next-generation networks will severely challenge the capabilities of today’s business support systems to effectively create, sell and deliver a new generation of services. In version 8.0, Sigma Catalog has advanced to enable your business to capitalize on new opportunities and meet the product innovation and business operations challenges presented by 5G, virtualization and cloud technology.

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Sigma Catalog Delivers

Master Data Management

A central repository for product, service and resource data with rich APIs to serve the entire enterprise.

More Configuration, Less Code

Manage products from cradle to end of life services and resources that manage products from cradle to end of life.

5G Readiness

Ready for the data explosion from 5G, virtualization and cloud technology.

Product Lifecycle Management

Collaborative management of products from cradle to end of life.

Reduced Costs

Lower integration and processing cost through standardized data references and workflows.


Your business defined through all channels, for all markets and for any product or service.

Customer Satisfaction

Improves the product experience and the overall customer experience.

Innovation Monetized

Support complex propositions and rapid monetization of network investments.

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Orange Belgium on Agility Through Sigma Catalog

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