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Every growth story begins with Create. Sell. Deliver.

Create Sell Deliver

Turning product innovation into new business revenue is the imperative in the age of living digital services. The Sigma Create-Sell-Deliver Portfolio is comprised of catalog-driven products that let service providers get Next Done Now, growing new business models through accelerated product innovation. Sigma products enable business growth from new digital services combined and packaged with traditional core services. Sigma’s Create-Sell-Deliver portfolio is deployed using Sigma Cloud.


Commercial Product and Technical Service Catalog and Lifecycle Management

Cross-market Omni-channel Quote and Order Capture

Commercial and Technical Order über-orchestration and Fulfilment Management

Network Service and Device Activation

Business and Operational Data Analytics and Decisioning

Installed Product, Service, and Resource Inventory Management

The Create-Sell-Deliver Outlook:
Second Edition

Sigma was curious – just how well are CSPs around the globe handling the demands to create new innovative digital products and services while maintaining legacy ones? We decided to survey over 100 of the top CSPs globally, enquiring about their create-sell-deliver processes and whether they felt well-positioned to support the next wave of digital products and services.

The Create Sell Deliver Outlook Report: Second EditionDownload the Report

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