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Visualized: 2014 Smartphone Shipments

2014 was a big year for Apple. It’s biggest ever. But what did the global smartphone market look like in 2014? has released some numbers showing total smartphone shipments in 2014:

While opinion about unpublished numbers, such as Samsung’s, will always be divided among analysts, it’s clear that Apple’s stellar Q4 has brought its shipment numbers very close to Samsung’s. This isn’t a total surprise as Q4 is always Apple’s blow-out quarter for the iPhone, but considering Samsung operates across all price tiers, while Apple is premium-only, it’s still quite an achievement.


Samsung will also be concerned that its smartphone sales have essentially been flat for three quarters of the year, proving the Galaxy S5 has failed to totally capture the public’s imagination. You can bet the Korean giant is pulling out all of the stops on the development of the S6, which is likely to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress next month, but it will need to come up with something pretty special to win back customers who defected to Apple as one of the Chinese handset makers.


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