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Sigma at TM Forum Live! 2017: 3 Innovative Catalysts

Sigma Systems was thrilled to return to TM Forum Live! this year in Nice.

An intensive, four-day schedule connected over 3,000 industry professionals in a unique, collaborative and innovative atmosphere – featuring over 250 industry-leading speakers, a tech expo and eight live events.

In addition to these attractions, TM Forum Live! showcased 30 Catalysts.

What are Catalysts?

“Catalysts are rapid fire, member-driven, proof-of-concept projects which both inform and leverage TM Forum best practices and standards, connecting service providers, technology suppliers, and global enterprises to create truly thought-leading and innovative solutions to industry challenges.”

– TM Forum

Sigma offered its expertise as a global leader in catalog-driven software for the following 3 projects:

APPEX Omni Channel

Champions Orange, Vodafone
Participants Sigma, Huawei, NTS Retail, Apptium, Celebrus, MACCSA

The APPEX Omni Channel catalyst explores how service providers can use omnichannel solutions to simplify, streamline, and optimize the customer experience from start to finish. By offering customers a consistent buying experience across all channels, omnichannel solutions empower end-users and simplify the sales process for both providers and consumers.

The catalyst will also explore the pressing question of how omnichannel solutions can harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) while seamlessly resolving security challenges. With in-depth looks at state-of-the-art analytics that make use of crowd-sourced data from IoT devices and new developments in event stream management, this catalyst promises to give viewers an engaging window into cutting-edge developments in omni-channel selling.

Sigma’s Role: Having been a part of the project since its inception, Sigma has offered catalog-driven ordering consulting through all stages of its creation. 

Winner of Outstanding Performance in the Catalyst Program this year!

Video: Huawei’s Tim Morgan on the Appex Omnichannel Catalyst

New Business Models with Mobile Sponsored Data

Champions NTT, Orange
Participants Sigma, CloudSense, Comptel

This catalyst explores an innovative new approach to the sale of mobile data packages. Because of mobile data’s consistently high costs, a broad variety of enterprises – including communications service providers – are encumbered by logistical challenges in selling it to customers.

The modern, digital ecosystem demands a new approach. This catalyst provides a detailed view of an innovative system of exchange that will empower customers by offering better access to data while helping operators and carriers to deploy mobile data as a high-functioning commodity.

The creation of a new platform allowing operators to sell mobile data packages to enterprises will rapidly impact the industry. Find out how in the New Business Models with Mobile Sponsored Data catalyst.

Sigma’s role: This catalyst saw Sigma’s Catalog deployed to produce the various pricing models necessary for the project’s success.

Video: Mustafa Oyumi, Salesforce Director of Product Management, on the Catalyst

Offer Canvas

Champions  Telstra, AT&T, BT, Orange
Participants Sigma, Infosys, Oracle, EnterpriseWeb, Ericsson

Today, the digital market’s ever-increasing agility is putting unprecedented demand on offer managers: offer management professionals must be aware of even the slightest shifts in the digital ecosystem while also retaining an acute understanding of the customer’s ever-changing demands.

While organizations are investing huge amounts of money in IT and network capabilities, there is still a lack of support for offer managers to capitalize on those investments.

This catalyst proposes a brilliant solution: using pre-tested, pre-built, verifiable models that allow offer managers to construct new offers that are seamlessly testable and incredibly easy to launch. Find out about the Offer Canvas catalyst – and how it’s set to change the face of modern offer management for communications service providers everywhere.

Sigma’s role: Sigma’s Catalog UI provided a fundamental platform for the creation of the Offer Canvas.

Video: Telstra’s Dr. Fawad Nazir on the Offer Canvas Catalyst

Like Sigma, TM Forum is fascinated with the themes of driving digital business transformation, thriving in a connected “5G” world, and using digital services to power new ecosystems and marketplaces. Be sure to see these catalysts bring those themes to life at TMForum 2017.

Learn more about TM Forum 2017 here.