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Observations from Digital Transformation Asia 2019

My main observation from the most recent edition of TM Forum’s Digital Transformation Asia can be best summed up by paraphrasing Rita Ora: that is, it’s “hot right now”.

Sigma Systems has attended this event as an exhibitor, speaker and Catalyst project partner for the last three years. Over this time, we have seen the event grow significantly in terms of the number of attendees, exhibitors and most importantly, in my view, the ‘energy’ the event generates (not very scientific, I know).

I should probably check with TM Forum on this, but I would estimate there was 20 per cent more of everything, compared to 2018. The Catalyst projects took up more space, there were more exhibitors – including an increased presence from Microsoft – and the speaking sessions were full of questions and comments to put speakers on the spot (A thank you, by the way, to Ernest Margitta from Telstra, who spoke with me about his experience of product portfolios for the age of digital services).

So where was all the energy coming from? At MWC 2019, it was clear that 5G was the main driver of interest. At DTA 2019, our visitors generally wanted to talk about serving enterprises and how transformation efforts could be effectively applied to the B2B portions of their businesses.

Our pre-sales consultant Rohit, pictured, spent plenty of time showing how digital services can be modelled and sold quickly using Sigma Catalog and other elements of the Sigma Create-Sell-Deliver portfolio.

Luckily, Sigma Systems has a lot to say when it comes to handling B2B complexity – as you will be able to find out on this webinar. We are partnering with digital services providers in the region, such as SmarTone, which is using our products to automate more of its create-sell-deliver processes – helping it to acquire and serve customers better.

We know from our Create-Sell-Deliver Outlook report that the levels of manual intervention to deliver digital services to enterprises is still far too high. This is worrying, because to profitably monetize the services enabled by 5G and continue network virtualization, we believe the create-sell-deliver journey must be as automated as possible.

In a nutshell, B2B is “hot right now” in Asia and Sigma Systems will continue its focus on this issue going forward. If you are interested in hearing more about the challenges facing CSPs across B2B and B2C markets, check out the latest edition of the Create-Sell-Deliver Outlook here.

Stephen Krajewski,
Vice President of Marketing