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Leverage, Enhance, Scale: The Importance of Partnerships in Serving CSPs

At Sigma Systems, we have plenty of reason to be confident. We have a growing roster of top-tier CSPs as new and continuing customers, we’re accumulating awards such that dusting our cabinet is no easy feat, and our acquisition by Hansen Technologies earlier this year places the Sigma Systems offering in an even better position to serve that growing roster of customers.

But we’re happy to acknowledge that we can’t always do everything ourselves to effectively meet our customers’ requirements. It’s the nature of the beast: digital transformation projects to which our create-sell-deliver applications are applied are large, very complex, and feature multiple – and sometimes seemingly conflicting – work-streams.

So for all the good things happening that are driven by Sigma Systems, there is a need to work with best-in-class partners from across the industry, to add scale to implement and deliver our core propositions. Fortunately, we know that partners can benefit greatly from investing in understanding and being trained to deliver Sigma Systems’ Create-Sell-Deliver software applications.

The Sigma Systems partnership approach can be summed up in three words: leverage, enhance and scale.

Starting with leverage: we look to work with thought leaders in our market, who are talking to our customers and prospects to help them understand transformation, new technology and new services. Technology is a great enabler for agility and efficiency, but it isn’t the answer on its own. The benefit of this approach for our customers is the combination of domain knowledge and subject-matter expertise with our established product portfolio. A real-life example is how TechMahindra and Sigma are partnering to deliver a connected-car solution to a global automotive manufacturer.

Enhance is about the ecosystem: companies who can add value to our proposition, and where in return, we can add value to theirs. With the right, complementary partnerships, we are able to offer our customers an improved solution to their problems, while enabling our partners to extend their reach by supporting Sigma’s best-of-breed products. Take our strategic partnership with Microsoft: with Sigma CPQ and Sigma Catalog, we are able to add telco-grade sales and delivery capabilities to the Dynamics 365 CRM platform, delivering an industry-specific solution to customers, thus delivering a top-class digital commerce experience.

Finally, scale comes through our work with systems integrators and the like who help us deploy, support and – in some instances – configure systems, based on unique business capabilities they are able to add to the core Sigma proposition. They help us come to market with a more rounded end-to-end solution, and we are able to help them address opportunities they would not be able to alone, by leveraging our proven technology. A good example of this is our work with Engineering Do Brasil, who are adding extra horsepower to delivering Sigma Create-Sell-Deliver applications to a tier-one provider in Brazil.

What’s important to know is that when Sigma Systems works with partners, we have a framework in place to support quality and governance. We make sure that there are processes from on-boarding, training and certification, through to enablement and audit, ensuring that we deliver a consistent, high-quality experience to the end-customer.

We provide training and certification for our products, meaning that our partners have a good knowledge of the technology that they are working with. That translates into confidence for our customers; they know that we are committed to working together, with teams having the right skills and knowledge for projects and a skillset that is always kept up-to-date.

While we proactively target companies we feel would fit well into the Sigma Systems partner program, we are also open to conversations (which you can initiate here). We are strong believers that by working together, we are able to offer much more than the sum of the parts. And this translates to real benefits for our customers across the world.

Marc Hayden,
Vice President, Global Channels and Partners