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Sigma Systems: Catalog Driven BSS / OSS for Telecoms

The Right Tools to Create, Sell and Deliver Your New Products Now

For resellers, creating, selling and delivering new products is the name of the game. But a solid mixture of tools, technologies and the right approach is the only way to effectively nurture the cycle of bringing new products to market. Resellers that lack support in these core areas will experience a surge of commonly-faced problems of the supply chain, including: declining margins, operational hiccups, poor quality and regulatory compliance issues.

So, let’s take a look at the proper technology and approach to ensure you can create, sell and deliver your next product for maximum revenue generation:

Step 1 — Create

When creating your new product, start by defining the capabilities, services and features you want to sell. This means sifting through today’s overabundance of consumer choice—there are a lot of products on today’s market—and identifying key consumer purchase behaviours and patterns. Next, determine the price points at which you want to sell them.

Step 2 — Sell

It’s common knowledge that those who are not constantly innovating will fall behind; however, those that wait too long to go to market with their new innovations will also lose market relevance. There are a few tools and technologies that can help you quickly and accurately sell your new product to the right customers. For example, including your product in a comprehensive product catalog, supported by an omni-channel CPQ framework enables CSPs and their resellers to take full advantage of any new product capability being brought to market.

Step 3 — Deliver

Delivering products is key; however, it is just as important to get the backend automation in place to deliver this new product. Without automation CSPs typically try to manually order and provision new services making the process slow and error-prone for the customer.  An order to activation (O2A) system can ensure that new products are activated in real-time upon being chosen by a customer.

Forward-thinking service providers must always be ready to expediently and efficiently bring new products to market. Are you? Click here to learn more about how Sigma Systems can help support your efforts.