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3.75 Billion People Are Online. Are You Prepared?

Last month, Sigma had the pleasure of participating at TM Forum Live! Asia in Singapore with over 500 attendees, 90 industry-leading speakers and conference tracks including Transformation & Agility, NFV/SDN, AI, IoT and Customer Centricity.

On the whole, Asia still has lower internet usage than the world average, but the growth rate has been much higher. In 2010, the Asia Pacific region had 23% internet usage; in 2016 this had risen to 42%. In 2010, 33% of the global population used the internet; by June this year, it was 51%.1 That is around 3.75 billion people worldwide. If there is any debate as to whether CSPs need to move to digital, then these usage levels and growth rates should leave no one in any doubt.

To survive as the digital age progresses, service providers already know they need to put their customers first and give them the best possible digital experience. Precisely how best to make that happen is still being explored by many companies, but one thing we can all agree on is the need to get the data right before progressing with Digital Transformation. For most, this means consolidating multiple siloed catalogs, centralizing this data, and using it to create the foundation for a seamless user experience.

Many CSPs, however, struggle with the best way to achieve this. That is to say; to replace your systems entirely comes with the financial burden and high-risk disruption that service providers have a diminishing appetite for. Whether you rip-and-replace or take a less invasive overlay on existing legacy systems approach – in Sigma’s experience – building a catalog-driven model is essential to effective data management and the orchestration of the user experience.

With this many people using the internet through smart phones, tablets and computers, CSPs need to build a catalog-driven model to improve the “shop window” and the selling experience of the products and services they offer and automate the rest of the procurement process behind the scenes.

At TMF Asia, there was much interest and discussion with Sigma around digital transformation and the challenges of data veracity as a key pillar in this strategy. With the growing internet usage in Asia, we are confident that an agile, catalog-driven overlay approach will enable service providers to deliver an excellent customer experience while at the same time minimizing the operational disruption characteristic of many transformational efforts.