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The right Architecture to get
NExt Done Now

Advice from B/OSS Experts to Avoid The Next Legacy

Sigma Architecture Consulting

Whether a digital transformation project or implementation of new capability for a new business line, Sigma provides strategic advisory to develop systems architecture that will serve your business into the future. Based on 20 years and hundreds of successful projects, Sigma architecture experts advise and recommend so you don’t end up building your next legacy system.

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Sigma Cloud is how Sigma’s portfolio of Create-Sell-Deliver software is delivered, shortening implementation time, reducing maintenance complexity and improving total cost of ownership. Underpinned by Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure, Sigma Cloud enables faster returns on software investments with the flexibility to support evolving business requirements, enabling CSPs to focus on their core business rather than dedicating time and resources to managing systems availability.

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How Sigma Helps Your Next Architecture


Hundreds of successful transformation projects that have shaped B/OSS architectures.


Pragmatic and practical agile project methodology and frameworks that deliver results quickly.


Fundamental tenet of Sigma’s approach to creating architectures to get Next Done Now.

Global Reach

Architectural experts are available when and where you need them.

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