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5G Realised Summit

APR 10-11, 2019 LONDON, UK

Sigma at 5G Realised Summit

The Summit will build upon the 5G infrastructure core and will then feature 8 workshops led by industry experts from the respective verticals to further investigate and demonstrate the use cases in each vertical.

5G Realised will be focused on the demand pull that these sectors are and will increasingly be creating for 5G. Operators and vendors will come together to listen and learn about what is already happening and where. There are technology trials taking place around the world but also of great interest are the real application trials, whilst many of these are currently taking place in 4G infrastructure they are also very informative to show the gaps that 5G needs to fill.

The Summit will be looking for demand requirements, putting infrastructure into places that can deliver a return like airports, industrial sites, ports and many more. 5G can offer massive productivity gains, new business generation and innovation.

Meet us at Exhibit #11 and learn how Sigma can assist your business in realising a worthy investment in 5G.

Catherine Michel on Helping CSPs get value out of investment in 5G
April 11 @ 10:20 – 10:50

Driving Technologies and Services

  • Keith Willetts Advisory Board, UK5G and Co-Founder,
    5G Realised Series
  • Catherine Michel Chief Technology Officer, Sigma Systems
  • Paul Michael Scanlan CTO Carrier Network Business Unit, Huawei Technologies
  • Dr. Payam Taaghol CEO, MYCOM, OSI

Meet with us

Visit Sigma at Exhibit #11 to learn about our catalog-driven Create-Sell-Deliver portfolio with live demonstrations and use-cases specifically around omni-channel experience, IoT digital home service, and Sigma Insights-driven use-cases that look at real-time operational insights and improvements.

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