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A Sigma Survey Research Project for the Next Wave

How prepared are communication service providers to create-sell-deliver the next wave of digital services?

We were curious. Are communication services providers well positioned to support the next wave of digital products and services? Sigma surveyed over 100 of the top Communication Service Providers globally to inquire about their create-sell-deliver processes.

Sigma asked questions like:

  • How are Communication Service Providers performing while engaging and selling to their customers?
  • Are communication service providers improving in key performance areas like time-to-market?
  • How much could communication service providers benefit by changing some of the ways they create, sell, and deliver next wave of digital products and services?
Curious how your business may stack up?

Complete a small sample of the survey and we will send you some results illustrating what other Communication Service Providers’ B2C and B2B lines of business are doing or not doing when it comes to managing the next wave of digital services.

Create-Sell-Deliver Coleman Parkes Research

What did we learn?

Take a peek at the results.

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