18 Jul 2017

Is Your Company Digitally Mature?

3 Questions to Ask at Your Next Meeting Does your organization have a single blueprint for its digital business strategy? Does that strategy both align with and support the overarching business goals of your company? In the modern context of providing digital services, it’s not particularly useful...
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MWC 2017 at Fira Barcelona
03 Mar 2017

Reflections on Mobile World Congress

Looking back at Mobile World Congress, I was struck by how little focus there was on service provider operations or the underlying network.  More emphasis was on the connected services that operators can bring to customers on their end device, and the new business models they are looking to adopt a...
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26 Sep 2016

Introducing Sigma Academy

At Sigma, we’re redesigning training – just for you. Sigma Academy is our first official learning platform, now available for both employee and customer access. We’ve expanded our current live instructor-led model to include the product training you need, on your own schedule. With your Si...
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29 Jun 2016

Award-Winning TM Forum Catalyst

Sigma participated in five catalysts at TMF Live! in Nice, one of which received the award for Most Innovative: New Business Models with Mobile Sponsored Data. The winning catalyst, championed by Orange, identified new and implemented existing TM Forum APIs to create a fabric of providers connecting...
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27 Jun 2016

Are You Fast Enough?

Every year, the BSS/OSS industry gathers in Nice for the TM Forum Live! event. Over 2,900 delegates attended workshops, watched presentations, viewed catalysts and met with leading industry vendors this year. With more than 100 meetings, 5 catalysts, 2 speaking slots and 1 TMF Innovation Award, Sigm...
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17 May 2016

Order Management for Digital Services

Today’s environment for communications service providers has changed forever.  Consumers and businesses expect the order to activation (O2A) process for CSPs to mirror those of the likes of Amazon and Apple – customers have no patience for failure – none whatsoever.  So CSPs are under pressu...
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10 May 2016

TM Forum Catalyst: Appex Omnichannel

Sigma’s catalog-driven fulfilment workflows play an important role in bringing the omni-channel experience to Vodafone customers in this year’s catalyst: Appex Omnichannel at TM Forum Live! Appex Omnichannel is one of 5 catalysts Sigma will be taking part of as the event unfolds in Nic...
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25 Sep 2015

Sigma at Dreamforce 2015

Last week Sigma was in San Francisco for the week to participate in Dreamforce 2015.  This year the conference attracted over 170,000 attendees making it one of the largest tech events now around the globe.  As was the case last year, we continue to be featured by the communications industry vert...
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John Frame
30 Jun 2015

An Expansive Approach to IoT Services

John Frame, director of product management at Sigma Systems, explains how service providers can take the initiative in delivering consumer-friendly Internet-of-Things services by adopting an agile, catalog-driven approach to supporting innovations in applications and devices. via ScreenPlays...
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Time to Celebrate
04 Jun 2015

Buckle Your Seatbelt!

The month of June is off to an exceptional start at Sigma Systems. Not only are our employees increasing their physical activity by participating in a little bit of healthy global competition (read more about this in my first blog), we also learned on Monday, June 1st that Birch Hill Equity Partners...
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12 Mar 2015

APIs: Making Smart Ideas a Reality

This month, Sigma System’s John Frame met with TMFourm’s Annie Turner at TMForum Action Week in Lisbon to discuss the importance of API’s in the connected world: “The APIs are really the actionable effects of TM Forum. They are what will actually allow us to have the smart citi...
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04 Mar 2015

How to Ride a Tsunami

We’ve all talked about it.  Dumb pipe vs full service provider.  Is OTT competition a death knell for the telecom industry or its future? Your marketing team is doing its job.  They are watching the competition, scanning the marketplace and studying what new products appeal to customers.  They...
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04 Feb 2015

Visualized: 2014 Smartphone Shipments

2014 was a big year for Apple. It’s biggest ever. But what did the global smartphone market look like in 2014? Telecoms.com has released some numbers showing total smartphone shipments in 2014: While opinion about unpublished numbers, such as Samsung’s, will always be divided among analysts,...
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Acronym of Things
14 Jan 2015

The Acronym of Things (AoT)

What is the number one toughest thing about starting a new job? Finding out where to get the best coffee and the most reasonable price, while not looking like that guy who refuses to drink the “It’s actually pretty good” (No it’s not) office coffee, or what I like to call the BACWAOO. Best A...
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25 Sep 2014

Sigma Systems Rolling Along

Summer has been anything but slow for our team here at Sigma Systems. We are eagerly preparing for our annual user conference Evolve 2014, which is centered on helping service providers prepare for what’s next in their markets; we are also reserving space on our calendars for Dreamforce 2014—a...
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