29 Jun 2016

Award-Winning TM Forum Catalyst

Sigma participated in five catalysts at TMF Live! in Nice, one of which received the award for Most Innovative: New Business Models with Mobile Sponsored Data. The winning catalyst, championed by Orange, identified new and implemented existing TM Forum APIs to create a fabric of providers connecting to a broad set of enterprises. Mobile data sponsorship enables enterprises to give customers free access to specific content and services on their devices, serving as a catalyst for customer engagement. Sigma collaborated with Salesforce and other ISVs to map out the process flow and architecture required. The Sigma catalog designed the commercial offer which was then seamlessly exposed to the Salesforce platform.

In addition to the winning catalyst, Sigma worked with Telefonica to integrate a number of components onto a platform to provide a truly differentiated experience for customers to better align with digital providers like AirBnB and WhatsApp. The catalyst not only demonstrated how adjacent products like Fitbit can easily be included, but also how using offers from 3rd party vendors located close to brick and mortar stores such as coffee shops and restaurants, can address wait times in high street stores and keep customer satisfaction scores high.

Customer satisfaction continued to be the theme with the third catalyst from Vodafone that focused on delivering an adaptive and predictive user experience (APPEX). The catalyst demonstrated how to pull in broad insights about the customer to deliver a personalized experience that consumers expect today.

The fourth catalyst, in conjunction with Liberty Global, focused on the omnishop experience and addressed the challenges of ‘plugging in’ the new digital services that providers are bringing to market.

Finally, the NFV/SDN Business Data Services catalyst with Ziggo created a full demonstration of how NFV/SDN, using ETSI and TM Forum Zoom work, enables traditional telecom business services to scale down to the SME/SMB market. It makes business services a viable line of business for digital providers going forward.

Sigma will be participating in three more catalysts this year at TMF Live! Singapore the first week of December – stay tuned for more updates!


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