27 Jun 2016

Are You Fast Enough?

Every year, the BSS/OSS industry gathers in Nice for the TM Forum Live! event. Over 2,900 delegates attended workshops, watched presentations, viewed catalysts and met with leading industry vendors this year. With more than 100 meetings, 5 catalysts, 2 speaking slots and 1 TMF Innovation Award, Sigma was busier than ever before.

So what was the essence of the show? As more and more conversations took place, it became clear that a theme had emerged: in a word – speed. Presentations, workshops and vendor messaging referred to the need for agility both in BSS/OSS systems and increasingly in their business and IT teams themselves.

CSPs simply cannot afford to be slow. With over a 100 years of striving for five 9s reliability, it is difficult for service providers to make the transition from “getting it right” to “getting it now.” But make no mistake, the transition is underway.

We’ve seen operators such as Sky UK launch new products every week with confidence. Orange Belgium can now change their product and pricing information digitally displayed in stores and online with a few key strokes. We’ve also witnessed various operators continuing to struggle with desperately slow, error-prone product launches, able to activate through only one or two channels at a time, and with appalling levels of order fallout for new services.

There will be winners and there will be losers along the path to transforming to a Digital Service Provider – the winners will be defined by their ability to launch new products with lightning speed and create superb end-to-end customer journeys coupled with zero-touch automation. The winners will transition to corporate cultures that embrace speed and risk-taking. You’d better hurry.

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