10 May 2016

TM Forum Catalyst: Appex Omnichannel

Sigma’s catalog-driven fulfilment workflows play an important role in bringing the omni-channel experience to Vodafone customers in this year’s catalyst: Appex Omnichannel at TM Forum Live! Appex Omnichannel is one of 5 catalysts Sigma will be taking part of as the event unfolds in Nice, France. In this example, Sigma Order Management takes complex product data and decomposes it into technically feasible fulfilment workflows.

About this Catalyst

‘APPEX’ stands for Adaptive Predictive Personalized Experience eXcellence. This catalyst’s scope includes the full end-to-end customer journey including the buy, use and evaluate phases. All channels are in scope, including new digital channels such as social media and web chats.


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