10 Sep 2015

Salesforce CRM now Enhanced with Sigma Catalog

In today’s fast moving digital environment, service providers need to bring new products, services, offers and promotions to market more often and more quickly than ever before to be able to attract and retain customers. This is true whether it’s the residential consumer market or the enterprise and business market.  In fact, enterprises and business customers now expect to see solutions that are better tailored and designed to meet the specific needs of their industry and size of business, which adds pressure to grow industry specific solution propositions and services leveraging the latest “Internet of Things” innovations.

As technology, engineering and marketing departments roll out more products, solutions and offers the pressure shifts to the sales and service organizations not only to keep up with the new products and offer introductions, but to quickly have these new products and services available to sell.

Until now, service providers using Salesforce CRM have either had to rely on alternative tools for referencing product information or make significant customizations to Salesforce to expose the relevant product information.  In making these customizations, there is the challenge of keeping that data up to date and accurate. This task itself a major challenge when that data needs to be constantly synced with multiple sources of product and service information across the various design, billing, fulfilment and assurance systems.


With Sigma Catalog for Salesforce, service providers can take full advantage of the power of enterprise product catalog from Sigma ensuring that all product, service and resource data is aligned and synchronized across this federated environment. This creates a single master view which is then delivered directly into your Salesforce CRM environment. Now sales people, pre-sales engineers, consultants, and customer service teams have the correct and complete product information right at their finger tips, directly within Salesforce.  This enables service providers to better serve their customers by improving customer experience and driving faster, more accurate sales.

Service providers can also take advantage of this new capability by using the catalog to power all of the sales and service processes across their omni-channel environment, whether that’s enabling their pricing, quoting and ordering processes, or enabling a better understanding of the underlying services and resources that make up a product so problems can be pinpointed and diagnosed more quickly.

By bringing the power of a best-in-class enterprise product catalog directly into Salesforce, Sigma Systems enables service providers to speed up their deployment and expansion of their CRM while at the same time lowering time, effort and risk of integration with complex IT landscapes.  With Sigma Catalog for Salesforce, service providers can now extract maximum value and faster ROI ensuring that users don’t need to dip in and out of their Salesforce CRM in order to perform their role.

View Sigma Catalog for Salesforce on the Salesforce AppExchange 

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