07 Apr 2015

Will this Router Kickstart IoT in the Home?

Routers are utilitarian devices. They provide a reliable wifi signal to connect your phones, laptops, smart tvs and gaming consoles. Beyond that, they quietly operate in the background. But what if the router could be more than just a tool for delivering wifi? In 2013 Almond kickstarted it’s idea to make the router the center of the connected home.

As the number of smart devices steadily increases, it’s becoming more and more difficult to manage all of devices and sensors to get a truly immersive smart home experience. The most recent updates to the Almond hopes to help better tie these devices together:

 “The Almond+ and Almond 2015 are slick-looking routers with easy-to-use touchscreen interfaces. The Almond+ is the bigger brother, with high-powered antennas and gigabit networking ports, while the Almond 2015 is smaller and cheaper, and probably the better option if you don’t need to cover a huge home. But both offer the same smart home hub features to connect all kinds of household appliances, such as thermostats, lightbulbs, locks, motion detectors, and more.”

To learn more about the Almond and Almond+ visit the Verge

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