Intelligently orchestrated
service fulfilment


master the IoT ecosystem

Many service providers are struggling to innovate rapidly to better meet the expectations of today’s consumer.  The list of demands is ever-growing and includes the ability to obtain various services from a single provider, reliable multi-device access and a highly personalized experience.

Sigma Provisioning is an award-winning, multi-service fulfillment platform that helps digital service providers quickly design and deliver innovative services.  The platform accelerates revenue realization for new services, uses automation to drive down costs, and enables digital service providers to maximize service profitability. With Sigma Provisioning, operators are able to take advantage of new service and revenue opportunities by delivering more of the services their customers want – when, where and how they want them.

Real-Time Workflow Management

BPEL-enabled workflow engine to orchestrate intelligent provisioning.

Automated Provisioning & Activation

Complete view of end-to-end service fulfillment processes.

Service Authorization

Orchestrate subscriber authorization and authentication.

Service Inventory Management

Integrated, service-layer view of physical and logical resources to ensure automated processes.

Key Benefits

Deliver Faster

Market-ready solution service packages with predefined order management and provisioning processes.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

A subscriber-centric fulfilment platform that enables multi-device service access and service personalization.

Reduce Costs

Minimize integration and processing costs through catalog-driven, standardized data references and workflows.

Increase Agility

Supports the latest interoperability standards and enabling technologies including BPEL, J2EE, JEA, eTOM, SID, OSS/J, and SOA.

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