Rapidly deploy
SAAS-based offers

Service Abstraction Designed for Agility

Service providers need a scalable, repeatable and cost-effective solution that enables their business customers to seamlessly view, understand and take delivery of IoT and SaaS-based offerings bundled with on-network services.  Sigma Cloud ServiceBroker is an integrated management solution that eliminates operational silos, reduces deployment risks and provides flawless order capture, order management, provisioning, entitlement management, single sign-on and end-user self administration across all technologies.

The Cloud ServiceBroker allows providers to extend their business services beyond traditional offerings and become a trusted partner to customers through the addition of off-network, cloud-based services.

Key benefits

Faster Time to Market

Pre-integrated technology cartridges for rapid and easy introduction of feature-rich on-network bundles.

Improved Scalability

Carrier-grade platform enables scalability to tens of millions of managed services and reduces costs associated with expanding hardware, software, and licensing requirements.

Managed Complexity

Supports and manages complex business package bundling, including authorization and entitlements processing for on-network and SaaS application services.

Unified OSS architecture

Package and fulfill any bundled offering with a unique and integrated catalog for all service types.

Agile Service Abstraction

Generically define cloud service types and classes, allowing them to be packaged and delivered over any network technology, third party IoT or SaaS vendor.

Extensive API Integration

Rapid API integration to SaaS providers for the quick deployment of services.

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