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Sigma Academy focuses on you. Our team is obsessed with delivering impactful and innovative learning solutions, carefully curated to ensure rapid assimilation of our products within your organization.

Learning Paths

Global Scalability

24/7 global footprint to meet enterprise-wide learning initiatives.

Certified Learning Consultants

As accomplished and versatile learning professionals with 20+ years of experience, we have a track record of designing and delivering high impact learning.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our product knowledge gurus are dedicated to delivering a world class experience.

Flexibility & Adaptability

We will work with your unique processes and systems for ease of engagement.

Meet The Team

Lea Thomson

Learning Consultant

I have been software training in one guise or another for over 25 years and love that moment when I see ideas “click” with my trainees.  I have a Bachelor degree in Business Management, a Master’s degree in Computer Science and I’m currently completely a Doctorate in Education. When I say I am a lifelong learner, I mean it! Although my work and my thesis don’t leave me much time for other fun stuff, I’m a “new experiences” junkie and love travelling, concerts, kickboxing, running and exploring the countryside with my labradoodle dog and husband.

Jennifer Wilkins

Team Lead, Knowledge

With 5 years at Sigma, I’ve used my expertise and passion for quality to influence and improve our technical communications ever since. I’m a learning junkie with multiple degrees, including an MA in Technical Communications. When I’m not heads down coaching my team or developing content, I love to write poetry, spend quality time with my two dogs and volunteer. I’m adventure driven, once falling into the Zambezi River on a boat ride at Lion Country Safari animal park!

Jasmine Roswell

Director, Knowledge & Learning Solutions

My mission as a certified training and development professional is to redefine learning at Sigma. I’ve been trusted to lead for 15 amazing years at the most admired technology brands globally. When I’m not knee-deep tackling the next big milestone to continue Sigma Academy’s success, I’m usually side by side my hubby and teenage children, swimming at the pool or enjoying frozen yogurt, loaded with coconut and white chocolate. Yum.

Neman Syed

Neman Syed

Learning Consultant

I bring over 20 years’ experience training software, hardware, sales enablement, and customer service training experience to Sigma. It’s backed with an engineering degree and a whole lot of empathy for learners who needed to be proficient yesterday. Learning today doesn’t mean a full seat – it means a full mind. I’m a certified hatha yoga instructor, body nerd, lover of good coffee, an eater of anything I haven’t eaten yet, and a happy road warrior. Qapla’!

Shirley Irkal

Learning Consultant

I’m a natural problem solver who never shies away from the intricacies of technical content. I’m a graduate in both Software and Electrical/Electronics Engineering and have worked my way progressively within Sigma, from Business Analyst to now Learning Consultant. I love showing people how our products work and helping them to use it in the best way possible. My curiosity goes beyond the corporate classroom – I enjoy all form of outdoor activities and mind games.

Rohit Singh

Knowledge Specialist

With 12+ years working in diverse domains such as geospatial solutions, gaming, and telecom, I am now keenly interested in using my experience at Sigma Systems and contributing beyond my designated role and responsibilities. I am a learning enthusiast, always looking for ways to make communication leaner and effective. When not working, I am either cooking for family and friends, watching food shows, or reading travelogues.

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