Job Title: Associate Developer (Summer Placement)
Reports To: Development Manager/Development Lead
Location: Cwmbran, Wales
Date: February 2018
Prepared by: Human Resources


We are looking for a talented Associate Developer on a Summer Placement to join our Sigma team in Wales. The person will undergo full Sigma product training and have the opportunity to spend time in three of our product teams and work within the development processes of each team.

The Associate Developer will be expected to write quality, well-engineered, unit tested, maintainable and readable code, engineered according to Sigma Systems’ development and architectural standards

Among the technologies you could be exposed to during the placement include:

  • NodeJS and Typescript
  • .NET C#
  • Angular
  • Cucumber/Gherkin for BDD
  • Git and Gitflow



  • Develop a basic understanding of the languages and tools used by the team.
  • Gain exposure to software development best practices such as TDD, debugging, documentation, etc.
  • Learn good communication skills to be used with your teammates.
  • Work with mentors and senior developers to rapidly grow your skills and understanding.
  • Gain knowledge of the Sigma Product Suite and how and where it is used.
  • Participate in the specification of software requirements and designs.
  • Learn to engineer quality, maintainable and testable code
  • Learn the needs of other teams such as QA or Documentation, and how best to support them.
  • Learn and adhere to project and department standards for quality, proficiency, and customer satisfaction.



  • Enthusiastic
  • A solid grounding in any OO language (e.g. Java)
  • Analysis
  • General project delivery skills
  • Good verbal and written Communication skills
  • Team player
  • A respect for prescribed software development processes


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